Plastic Pollution 

Nearly all the plastic ever created still exists and it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. It takes a minimum of 500 years for plastic to degrade and burning plastic is incredibly toxic, so where does it go? Well, 90% of the rubbish floating on the oceans surface is plastic and even if it ends up in landfill it will never stop releasing toxins. Not only was CACTI started to bring skin care back to basics, it was started to make plastic free options accessible to everybody. 50% of the plastic used globally is used once then thrown away and only 9% of recyclable plastic is actually recycled. Here at CACTI, we treat nature with the upmost respect and not only do we not want to contribute to damaging the environment, but we want to be a leading force for change.


What does CACTI do to combat plastic use, waste & minimise environmental impact?

Non-plastic containers

Bio-degradable, plastic free lip balm containers

Fully recyclable and reusable glass containers

 Electronic receipts, coupons & communication

100% recyclable parcels, made out of at least 75% recycled material 

Bio-degradable parcel filling

No unnecessary packaging, paper or waste

100% Vegan & Against Animal Testing

All of our products, along with every single ingredient inside them, are vegan and not tested on animals. Kindness is our focus here at CACTI and it would be impossible to be kind if we contributed to animal suffering in any way. The reason we don't use any animal products is because we don't need exploit other beings to feel beautiful, be beautiful or act beautiful and nature gave us everything we need to thrive. True beauty is shown in how we treat our surroundings.
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Let's lead the change and end animal suffering together.